• REMEMBER: out of 24 hours in a day, a child spend approximately 6 hours in the school. The remaining 18 hours are spent in the company of his/her parents. Apart from the teachers and the school. Parents are the greatest teachers of the child at home. A child learns to admire and appreciate others and his/her behavior in the school reflects the atmosphere at home. Parents have greater roles in transforming their children to be better citizens of tomorrow.
  • In order to secure all that is best in the education of your children maximum co-operation between parents and the school management is desired. The school and the home are temples of education for any intending student. The encouragement given to a student by parents/ guardians makes a world difference. The principal and the staff require the cooperation of the parents to ensure that:
  • Parents/ guardians must understand that the school belongs to their children and should not indulge in causing disrepute to the management. Parents should avoid dictating terms to the management but are always most welcome to give suggestions for the improvement of the school.
  • Parents and guardians are to familiarize themselves with the school and should try to adjust according to the syllabus of the school. They should check the school diary of their sons/daughters every day and enforce regularity and discipline at home and see that their sons/ daughters prepare their lessons and do the assigned home work. Remarks in the diary should be taken note of, countersigned and thereafter follow up should be done. If it is borne in mind, parents will perceive improvement in their children.
  • Parents must cooperate with the school authorities to make their sons/ daughters attuned to punctuality, discipline, personal cleanliness and preparation of daily lesson.
  • Parents are requested to sign the note entered on the Principal's Remarks page of the diary or the official circulars, test and examination results or any other important document. At the time of promotion, the diary must be submitted for checking in undamaged condition.
  • Parents/ guardian who will sign the remarks or leave record in the school diary must submit specimen signature at page one. It should be checked by the parent/ class teachers from time to time to ensure that their sons/ daughters do not take liberty to forge their parents signature.
  • Parents must meet the teachers with their sons/daughters during the parent- teacher meeting, it is deemed as a working day and failure to do so will lose that day attendace. Parents shall not come to meet teachers on any other working day except when there is an urgent or immediate reasons.
  • Parent/ guardians shall not visit their sons/ daughters or any teachers during the class hour without the express permission of the principal.
  • Ensure that your son/ daughter does not carry an sharp or pointed things such as pins, nails, matches, firecrackers to the school. Anyone found guilty of it shall be strictly punished or summarily dismissed from the school.
    Mention clearly the name, class and section of your son/ daughter while writing to the principal.
  • Parents and guardians shall not go to the homes of the teachers for any matter related to the school either curricular or co-curricular.
    Phone calls will be attended only during the office hours. No school work will be done in the residence of the principal.
  • Mobiles, Memory Cards, Pen Drive, Cds, DVDs, MP3/MP4 Players, I-Pod, I-Pad, Blue tooth and any other Electronic Gadgets are strictly prohibited, if found with the same the fine of Rs. 500.00 will be charged with a warning. If repeats the same mistake again he/she may be suspended or expelled from the School.
  • Request for change of test or examination to be deferred will not be entertained.
  • Parents must make their sons / daughters to observe GOs of transport commissioner of U.P.