School Fees

All payments should be made by cash deposit only in HDFC Bank at Lalitpur on any working day. Fees can also be deposited in the school office on POS machine (Debit/credit card/UPI/QR Code scan) and the school website. The whole fees will be realized in 4 instalments. The last date of payment of fee will be as follows:

First Term 15th May
Second Term 10th August
Third Term 10th November
Fourth Term 05th February
  • After this period, a surcharge of Rs. 50/- shall be charged per quarter.
  • Students shall get NO DUES CERTIFICATE cleared before appearing in the examination. No students will be allowed to appear in the half year and annual examinations if he/she has not cleared their dues. To avoid any inconvenience parents are advised to check the fee books.
  • The school shall charge full fee. For the convenience of the parents the fee is divided into installments. Parents are free to deposit the full fee in one installment.
  • Students leaving the school in mid- session shall pay the full fee for the full academic session.
  • No deduction shall be made for vacation or broken period.
  • For duplicate TC/Report card/ Fee Book: Rs. 25/- will have to be paid in the college office.